Various music blogs & sites containing mp3 downloads

What you see here encompasses nearly all of my online music findings. I love music, all kinds, and my passion is finding new sources for new tunes to listen to.

Most of these, like the vinyl record blogs, offer music that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Obviously the blogs listed further down the page which distribute downloads of more recent CDs are coughdoingsoillegallycough. Download at your own discretion.

Vinyl Record Blogs & Sites - A Huge resource for Mp3 Music Blogs!
Vinyl Orphanage No longer updated.
Orgy In Rhythm
Xtabay's World
Third Island Not updated since Oct 2011.
More Therapy Last updated Apr 2012.
Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo Not updated since Oct 2011.
Psychotic Leisure Music Not updated since Apr 2012.
Snow Day No longer updated.
The Tuna Melt Sharity Blog No updates since Dec 2010
Hall Of Records No longer updated
Kono Tiki Island No longer updated
Lounge Legends - Instrumentals Forever ☆Raloria's Fav☆ - No longer updated, but there's still good stuff there.
Stax O' Wax No longer updated - links still active.
Thrift Store DJ
Vinyl Room - Instrumental Sounds One post so far. We live in hope.
Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else
All Kinda Stuff - Music - Downloads Of The Moment
Tam Tam & Melodie
Boogie Woogie Flu Not updated since Apr 2012
A Closet Of Curiosities
Junk Shop Jukebox
Conversando Con La Musica NEW LINK!
Distant Earth Not updated since Mar 2012
The Phase 4 Stereo Blog
Easy And Wonderful
Chez Monsieur Maurice Not updated since Apr 2012
Easy Listening And Other Delights No longer updated but the links still work.
Vinyl Forever
All New Corner
A Party In Suburbia! Not updated since Jan 2012
The Sleepy Lagoon
Page Mr. Volstead
Vinyl Whores Not updated since Mar 2010
Lounge Musica Not updated since Apr 2012
The Rocket Pad V02
Twilight Zone! NEW!
Rock It! NEW! Warning! Some images NSFW.
Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives NEW!
The Edge Of Country NEW!
Cocktail Lounge NEW!
Detour NEW!
Audio Design Studio NEW!
I Luv My Turntable NEW!
Studio 2 Stereo NEW!
In-Flight Entertainment NEW!
In-Flight Soundtracks NEW!
Vintage Vinyl NEW!
Boot Sale Sounds NEW!

Miscellaneous Music, Oldies & Independent Artists Sites

Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine---One of my all-time favorite oldies music sites and still going strong! The BEST collection of Vintage Phonograph Recordings from 1900-1939. In streaming/downloadable Real Audio format.
Fantastic Music!---More oldies!
UBUWEB - 365 Days Project---Bizzare recordings for every day of the year in 2003 and 2007.
Jazz Online---Lots of great old jazz tunes in MP3 format.
Hot - Dance & Vintage Jazz Pages
Internet Archive: Audio---A great collection of music. Live recordings, podcasts, audiobooks, and vintage cylinder and 78 rpm recordings. great place to not only hear, but learn about the earliest recorded sounds and music.
Edison National Historic Site---The very beginning of sound! Listen to Thomas Edison's historic early recordings.
Free Early and Renaissance Music - Classical Guitar Recordings
Free Solo Guitar
Free Solo Piano
Free Music Group cool banjo music.
Mark Little's My TV Themes you like remixes, this is the place to be. In ram format.
Oddio Overplay---Tons of audio choices. Explore and play!
TV Acres - Theme Song Resources---Lots of different sites with TV and movie themes available.

More Recent Music Blogs

Elbows Music Blog Aggregator---A great way to search blogs for mp3 files. site usually is down, but when it's up and working, it's an amazing resource for mp3 files online!

You can also find a lot of mp3's free on the web by using Google and typing the name of the song and/or artist, along with the words "mp3" and "blog". ;)

Found a great article over at Mahalo about How To Download Free Music. Very useful! :)

WebUpon: Music Rules 2: Top 45 Music Websites That Deliver the Greatest Free Music --- Great list of music search engines, online radio sites, and other resources for free music on the web. Free Music: 22 Websites That Are Driving Daggers Into The Heart Of The RIAA --- A few extra music resources on this list.

Wired: Listening Post's Top 10 Hottest Music Sites -- "the 10 hottest digital music websites in the world"

Download Squad: 35 Places To Download Free Legal Mp3s Music NEW!
Moody People Listen Blog---Has playlists based on mood.

MusicMuzik Blog

Online Radio & Music Search Sites

Slacker Radio
Groove Shark
8 Tracks
Mix Turtle
Radio Beta
Fizy / Videomusic
MP3 Search
Air MP3
A-Z MP3s
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