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Last updated: July 2, 2012

Season 1 Part One (Episodes 1-11) UPDATED 2012
Part Two (Episodes 12-22) UPDATED 2012
Download: SPNS1LocationsPart01 updated.pdf (29mb) via MediaFire
Download: SPNS1LocationsPart02 updated.pdf (28mb) via MediaFire
Season 2 Part One (Episodes 1-11) UPDATED 2012
Part Two (Episodes 12-22) UPDATED 2012
Download: SPNS2LocationsPart01 updated.pdf (27mb) via MediaFire
Download: SPNS2LocationsPart02 updated.pdf (23mb) via MediaFire
Season 3 Part One (Episodes 1-8) UPDATED 2012
Part Two (Episodes 9-16) UPDATED 2012
Download: SPNS3LocationsPart01 updated.pdf (21mb) via MediaFire
Download: SPNS3LocationsPart02 updated.pdf (16mb) via MediaFire
Season 4 Part One (Episodes 1-11) UPDATED 2012
Part Two (Episodes 12-22) UPDATED 2012
Download: SPNS4LocationsPart01 updated.pdf (33mb) via MediaFire
Download: SPNS4LocationsPart02 updated.pdf (23mb) via MediaFire
Season 5 Part One (Episodes 1-11) UPDATED 2012
Part Two (Episodes 12-22) UPDATED 2012
Download: SPNS5LocationsPart01.pdf (19mb) via MediaFire
Download: SPNS5LocationsPart02.pdf (17mb) via MediaFire
Lists marked as UPDATED have been changed since their 2009 versions.

I've also put together a Google Map with all the locations from all 6 seasons.


  • The first items on the list (symbolized with thumbtacks) are locations that have been used multiple times over the seasons. They're arranged by location, starting with Burnaby first, then Richmond, Vancouver, etc.
  • The rest of the list is done by season, in order, with each season having it's own color marker except for the unique markers.
  • The unique markers help signify certain places, like motels, bars, hospitals, etc.
  • Note that the map is in 2 parts.
  • To see a location, click on it. Then on the map side, click on the "more" link and click on "Zoom here" or "Street view" (if it's available).

Google Map: SPN Filming Locations - Complete Map

There are also Google Maps specific to different areas in and around Vancouver.
All of these maps are printable, with the full list of locations for each one.

Vancouver & North Vancouver - SPN Filming Locations Map #1
Burnaby & New Westminster - SPN Filming Locations Map #2
Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge - SPN Filming Locations Map #3
Richmond & Steveston - SPN Filming Locations Map #4
Delta & Ladner - SPN Filming Locations Map #5
Surrey & Whiterock - SPN Filming Locations Map #6
Langley & Fort Langley - SPN Filming Locations Map #7
Outlying locations: Abbotsford, Mission, Squamish, etc. - SPN Filming Locations Map #8

Information & Credits:

What you'll find on this list: - Exact addresses of all locations (when available) - Web addresses for businesses & locations - Maps, Satellite views, & Google's Street View - Photos found online of building interiors & exteriors - Caps of the locations from the episodes

Credits & Resources (I couldn't have done any of this without some help):

Last, but not least, very special thanks to spnchicago2008, wynefred, and judithyaffa from Livejournal for their tireless work in helping me to update this project. I couldn't have done it without you, ladies! (HUGS) :)

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