A new season and a new list of locations. As usual, some of them are places we've seen in the past.

For now, this is all that I have for this season, but I intend to add to this list as new information is found. I'll post updates as the need arises.

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None of the maps in this post are mine. They've been saved from Google or Bing. See the Master Post for Credits. The screencaps were all made by me.

Every cap can be clicked on to see them in a larger size.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Season Nine Filming Locations (Episodes 1-11) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
9.01 -- I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 9.02 -- Devil May Care 9.03 -- I'm No Angel 9.04 -- Slumber Party 9.05 -- Dog Dean Afternoon 9.06 -- Heaven Can't Wait 9.07 -- Bad Boys 9.08 -- Rock And A Hard Place 9.09 -- Holy Terror 9.10 -- Road Trip 9.11 -- First Born

9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

[Interior] The Fairmont Social Lounge St John's College, 2111 Lower Mall‎ UBC, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 [49.262938, -123.256259]

[Exterior] Iron Mountain Store 28568 Dewdney Trunk Rd‎ Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1M1 [49.219844, -122.430204]
SPN9x01GonnaLike_015 SPN9x01GonnaLike_017 SPN9x01GonnaLike_023 SPN9x01GonnaLike_037
[Interior] UBC Parking (Thunderbird) 6085 Thunderbird Blvd‎ UBC, Vancouver, BC V6T 2A1 [49.261574, -123.243541]
SPN9x01GonnaLike_025 SPN9x01GonnaLike_026
MacGyver Cabin (next to Hydraulic Creek) Rice Lake Road, (or Lillooet Road,) Seymour Demonstration Forest, North Vancouver, BC [49.397295, -122.989066]
SPN9x01GonnaLike_042 SPN9x01GonnaLike_043
Mt Seymour Rd North Vancouver, BC V0N Canada [49.344311, -122.945961]
SPN9x01GonnaLike_045 SPN9x01GonnaLike_048 SPN9x01GonnaLike_050
[Exterior] 2350 Health Sciences Mall The University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC V6T, Canada [49.261843, -123.244263]
SPN9x01GonnaLike_052 SPN9x01GonnaLike_054
[Exterior & Interior] Nuwest Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaners 1120 Fifth Ave, New Westminster, BC V3M 1Y7 [49.206357, -122.928361]
SPN9x01GonnaLike_058 SPN9x01GonnaLike_061 SPN9x01GonnaLike_065
9.02 Devil May Care Bridgeman Park North Vancouver, BC V7J 3S3 [49.312732, -123.034698]
SPN9x02DevilMCare_002 SPN9x02DevilMCare_003 SPN9x02DevilMCare_005

Near Second Narrows Bridge 1600 Railway St., North Vancouver, BC V7J 1B5, Canada [49.298686, -123.024195]

[Exterior] Justice Institute of British Columbia 715 McBride Boulevard New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4 [49.222494, -122.909697]
SPN9x02DevilMCare_008 SPN9x02DevilMCare_009

Cromwell St off of: 3450 East Kent Ave S Burnaby, BC V5J 5H4, Canada [49.205331, -123.031248]

SPN9x02DevilMCare_010 SPN9x02DevilMCare_012

Canada Games Pool (Parking Lot) 65 E Sixth Ave New Westminster, BC V3L 4G6 Canada [49.221957, -122.907511]

SPN9x02DevilMCare_014 SPN9x02DevilMCare_015

Aja Tan Studios (Back lot) 1600 Railway Street, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1B7, Canada [49.299215, -123.023735]

SPN9x02DevilMCare_019 SPN9x02DevilMCare_023 SPN9x02DevilMCare_025 SPN9x02DevilMCare_029 SPN9x02DevilMCare_032 SPN9x02DevilMCare_034

9.03 I'm No Angel

[Exterior and Interior] St. Francis of Assisi Parish 2025 Napier St Vancouver, BC V5L 4K2 Canada [49.275039, -123.063492]

SPN9x03NoAngel_003 SPN9x03NoAngel_004 SPN9x03NoAngel_013 SPN9x03NoAngel_024 SPN9x03NoAngel_031 SPN9x03NoAngel_032
(Under:) Burrard Street Bridge Vancouver, BC V6J 3G5, Canada [49.273510, -123.142153]
SPN9x03NoAngel_007 SPN9x03NoAngel_008 SPN9x03NoAngel_040 SPN9x03NoAngel_041

[Exterior and Interior] 208 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X5 [49.279422, -123.099262]

SPN9x03NoAngel_016 SPN9x03NoAngel_018

[Exterior] Near: Kwong Tak Hong Herbal Products Ltd Suite Mn-240 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X5, Canada‎ [49.279430, -123.098580]

SPN9x03NoAngel_020 SPN9x03NoAngel_021 SPN9x03NoAngel_023

Alley off: 333 Gore Ave Vancouver, BC V6A 2Z3 Canada [49.281805, -123.098070]

SPN9x03NoAngel_035 SPN9x03NoAngel_036 SPN9x03NoAngel_037 SPN9x03NoAngel_044

[Exterior] Khan Convenience Store‬ ‪477 Powell St‬ ‪Vancouver, BC V6A 1G7, Canada‬ [49.283170, -123.093509]

SPN9x03NoAngel_046 SPN9x03NoAngel_047 SPN9x03NoAngel_048 SPN9x03NoAngel_049

Alley off: Jackson Ave‎ Vancouver, BC V6A 4B7 [49.283535, -123.093202]

SPN9x03NoAngel_051 SPN9x03NoAngel_052

[Exterior] Across the street from:
Ferreira Collision Centres 1575 W 5th Ave Vancouver, BC V6J Canada [49.267064, -123.140555]

9.04 Slumber Party [Interior] BC Hydro Grandview Station 2466 E 1st Ave‎, Vancouver, BC V5M [49.269173,-123.055474]
SPN9x04SlumberP_001 SPN9x04SlumberP_003 SPN9x04SlumberP_004

9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon

[Interior] Calhoun's Bakery Café Ltd. 3035 West Broadway Vancouver, BC Canada V6K 2G9 [49.264225, -123.172949]

SPN9x05DogDean_006 SPN9x05DogDean_007 SPN9x05DogDean_010 SPN9x05DogDean_012

[Exterior] Canadian Motion Picture Park 8085 Glenwood Drive, Burnaby, BC V3N 5C8, Canada [49.192973, -122.968810]

SPN9x05DogDean_016 SPN9x05DogDean_017 SPN9x05DogDean_018 SPN9x05DogDean_019

9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

[Exterior] Across from: Amayak Auto Service 1031 Quebec St New Westminster, BC V3M 1K6 Canada [49.201560, -122.919565]

SPN9x06HeavenCWait_030 SPN9x06HeavenCWait_031

9.07 Bad Boys

[Interior and Exterior] Tomahawk Restaurant 1550 Philip Avenue North Vancouver, BC V7P 2V8 CANADA [49.322883, -123.113286]

SPN9x07BadBoys_022 SPN9x07BadBoys_023 SPN9x07BadBoys_025 SPN9x07BadBoys_032

9.08 Rock And A Hard Place

[Exterior and Interior] Kalmar Restaurant 8076 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3W 3C3, Canada [49.149903, -122.845043]

SPN9x08RockHPlace_003 SPN9x08RockHPlace_008 SPN9x08RockHPlace_010 SPN9x08RockHPlace_016

[Exterior and Interior] St James Anglican Church 303 E Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1L4, Canada [49.282356, -123.097536]

SPN9x08RockHPlace_018 SPN9x08RockHPlace_020 SPN9x08RockHPlace_021 SPN9x08RockHPlace_025

9.09 Holy Terror

At DOD Lands Dog Park Off: Skeena St, Delta, BC V4K 0A7 Canada [Same location as the Roadhouse] [49.083995, -123.013698]

SPN9x09HolyTerror_002 SPN9x09HolyTerror_003 SPN9x09HolyTerror_005 SPN9x09HolyTerror_012

[Interior] Astoria Hotel/Pub 769 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1R3, Canada [49.281246, -123.087942]

SPN9x09HolyTerror_017 SPN9x09HolyTerror_019 SPN9x09HolyTerror_021 SPN9x09HolyTerror_027

In alley behind the Astoria Hotel/Pub 769 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1R3, Canada [49.281627, -123.087900]

SPN9x09HolyTerror_023 SPN9x09HolyTerror_024 SPN9x09HolyTerror_029

Basalite Concrete Products 1280 77th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6P 3G8, Canada [49.200965, -123.134383]

SPN9x09HolyTerror_013 SPN9x09HolyTerror_014 SPN9x09HolyTerror_015 SPN9x09HolyTerror_016

Hudson St & W 75th Ave Vancouver, BC V6P Canada [49.202157, -123.134548]

SPN9x09HolyTerror_031 SPN9x09HolyTerror_032 SPN9x09HolyTerror_035 SPN9x09HolyTerror_036

9.10 Road Trip

9100 Glenlyon Pkwy Burnaby, BC V5J 5J8, Canada [49.196580, -123.004081]

SPN9x10RoadTrip_014 SPN9x10RoadTrip_016 SPN9x10RoadTrip_017

[Interior] The Back lot (aka "Watchmen Set") Marine Way & Byrne Rd Burnaby, BC, Canada [49.201161,-122.979253] Warning! These coordinates don't point to the exact address. It's across the street.

SPN9x10RoadTrip_012 SPN9x10RoadTrip_013 SPN9x10RoadTrip_033

(On pier at the end of Kerr Street) 8688 Kerr St Vancouver, BC V5S 4V7, Canada [49.205607,-123.042332]

SPN9x10RoadTrip_038 SPN9x10RoadTrip_040 SPN9x10RoadTrip_043

9.11 First Born

[Interior] The Back lot (aka "Watchmen Set") Marine Way & Byrne Rd Burnaby, BC, Canada [49.201161,-122.979253] Warning! These coordinates don't point to the exact address. It's across the street.

SPN9x11FirstBorn_004 SPN9x11FirstBorn_006

Farmhouse 10036 208 St Langley, BC V1M, Canada [49.184034, -122.643057]‎

SPN9x11FirstBorn_012 SPN9x11FirstBorn_013 SPN9x11FirstBorn_015 SPN9x11FirstBorn_019 SPN9x11FirstBorn_024

Fraser Shipyard & Industrial Centre Ltd 61 Duncan St, New Westminster, BC V3M 5G3 [49.196275, -122.929585] (This is my best guess.)

SPN9x11FirstBorn_025 SPN9x11FirstBorn_026 SPN9x11FirstBorn_027 SPN9x11FirstBorn_028

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